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First Churches

First Churches Sanctuary,
Northampton, MA
Site of our initial broadcast June 26, 2005
at the Science and Spirit of Sound Conference of the New England Sound Healing Research Institute


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We are coupling with organizations world wide, to create a world at peace, at one with each other, in tune with the Creator's plan of Heaven on Earth.

Some of our principal associates in this work include (we are striving to update our lists constantly):

* All One Now is the broadcst network of The World Sound Healing Organization, to bring you live web events of major teachers in the holistic fields, world healing ceremonies, and the teachings of wisdom keepers of indigenous traditions worldwide.


* The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies; the work of Zacciah Blackburn: a holistic center for the study and application of the shamanic and mystical arts, to assist us in awakening to our core authentic self, through personal explorations and sacred sound transmissions; esoteric studies.
School of Sound Healing, for practitioners' studies.

The New England Sound Healing Research Institute    a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the understanding of sound healing through education, networking, community building, and scientific research.  
Conference Nov 17-19, 2006, Rowe, MA


* The Healing Music Organization  The Healing Music Association is an international organization of people who utilize sound and music in the healing arts.  The purpose of this association is to promote education, scientific research, a variety of modalities and techniques, and a sense of community for people to share their discoveries, experiences and knowledge about sound and music in the healing arts.

  Globe Sound  Healing Conference, San Francisco May 2-5
  • The Globe Sound Healing Conference brings together an impressive array of industry professionals to address important issues and topics in the rapidly expanding field of sound healing, the use of natural sound healing instruments, cutting edge sound technologies, and sound in medicine. These knowledgeable veterans will discuss and demonstrate how to use sound to help heal the body, mind and spirit, and attendees will be able to experience these technologies. From simple relaxation CD's to complex engineered sounds and experimental medical techniques, each of our experts will be showing what makes them a leader in the field. 

The World Congress for Music and Sound Healing
An international conference of leaders in Music and Sound Healing, in Gdansk Poland.
   Sept, 2007

* The Message Company Consciousness Conferences
Leading-edge researchers, practitioners, scientists, composers, musicians and recording artists in the fascinating and fast-growing fields of sound healing, vibrational medicine, music therapy and body/mind/brain/spirit research, shamanism, and more. 

* The Sound Healers Association, and the work of Jonathan Goldman
*  Global Alliance for Intelligent Arts, a worldwide alliance of performing, visual and healing artists dedicated to human development, producers of "Drums Around the World"Festival, an annual simultaneous worldwide drumming event for Peace & Unity in August & other events. 

The World Peace Prayer Society,
   Sponsoring:  The Imagine Peace Festival Our September 18, 2005 world sound healing events was part of the Imagine Peace Festival & UN International Day of Peace.
The World Peace Prayer Society is a nonprofit, non-sectarian, member-supported organization dedicated to spreading the message and prayer May Peace Prevail on Earth all over the world. It was founded in Japan by Masahisa Goi in 1955, and in 1988 the world headquarters moved to New York. In 1990 the Society was accepted as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in affiliation with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations. 
An online community to assist us in all aspects of living.

We are deeply grateful for the generous work all of our associates are offering in service to better our planet, as well as in their work with us.  For information on our guest teachers, go to:
Healing with Sound in
 the Austrian Alps


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