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First Churches

First Churches Sanctuary,
Northampton, MA
Site of our initial events in 2005,
at the Science and Spirit of Sound Conference of the New England Sound Healing Research Institute

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Join us Nov 27, 2006, 8:30 PM EST, (+5 GMT)
for an interview with Deepak Chopra.

We shall explore the current human dilemma,
and possibilities for real social change, human growth,
and sustainability in our environment.

Sept 21, 2006; 7:30-8:30 PM EST, Free Live Broadcast
7-10 PM, full concert

  MANY VOICES, One Peace:
 Sounds of Remembering 

A Concert Celebrating
The Sacredness Of Love In Us All

Please join us this Thursday evening at our WORLD SOUND HEALING program in NYC.

Our last broadcast with Dr. Emoto was cancelled in
July due to the war in the Middle East.

Sound Healer Eliana Gilad of Voices of Eden, a renowned sound healer of that region, striving to bring her work to enhance peace between cultures, as well as in childrens's hospitals, and more, was to host that event with us. 

She will join Jodi Serota and Zacciah at the MetaCenter in NYC for a live World Sound Healing Event and Broadcast,

from 7-10 PM this Thursday, Sept 21, in conjunction with the UN International Day of Peace.

Cost at the door is $33.

Those unable to join us in NYC may join us for a F/REE LIVE broadcast at
7:30-8:30 PM EST (+5 UT), with global peace prayers and sacred soundings.

Click here for live link during broadcast!

Since 2001, due to the work of many individuals around the world dedicated to the cause of peace,  this special day each year has been appointed by the United Nations as a "Cease Fire Day" or International Day of Peace. It has been dedicated as a day for everyone around the planet to gather in harmony, balance, mutual cooperation and celebration to model peace through a collective focus of unity consciousness and love.
Come participate with us in this cooperative effort, as we gather in this collective co-creation to unite the peoples of the world in their heartfelt desire for peace in our time, here on Earth!
The program for this very special evening will include a Live World-Wide Internet Broadcast.  This program will be a special, guided multi-dimensional Vibrational Sacred Healing Concert and World Peace Meditation with Vibrational Sound Healing Experts and Metaphysical Educators Jodi Serota, Eliana Guilad, and Zacciah Blackburn.
Join us in this global event as we create a world-wide focus of light and love, helping to make peace and harmony a reality here on Earth.  Through the use of sound, music activations and ceremony, focused prayer,
meditation and a Sacred Vibrational Healing Concert we will together celebrate this international day of peace and global cease-fire!.  
Be a part of this global event at META Center New York and add your energy and intent to create peace with us all on Earth. Connect your light and prayers as we gather in unison to celebrate this very special day!   Participate in this Grand Focus as we collectively co-create a better future and make a real difference in
ourselves and in the lives of those we hold dear! 

All are welcome, so please feel free to pass this on to your friends!!!
Date:           Thursday, September 21st, 2006
Time:           7:00 pm
Price:          $33. cash only at the door (non refundable)
Location:     META Center New York
                   214 W. 29th st. 16th Fl.
                   Between 7th & 8th Aves.
                   in New York City

Join add'l events for the UN Day of Peace 9/24 in Central Park  


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Healing with Sound in
 the Austrian Alps


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