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A message from Tom Kenyon:


A Planetary Ritual on the 2005 Equinox

On Sunday, September 25th, under the directions of the Hathors, I will conduct an Earth Ritual at the site of the Celestorium Sound Temple in central New Mexico. A group of over 200 persons will join together at the Celestorium for this Equinox ritual. At 6PM, EDT, September 25th, our group will join together with people from around the world for a live World Sound Healing/World Puja Internet Broadcast.

These instructions are for those who wish to participate energetically with the ceremony, but are unable to be there physically. If you have access to a computer with live audio, you can hear the final ritual at 6PM EDT by signing in on our signup page for free live broadcasts.

The Ritual at the Celestorium Temple site will begin Sunday morning at 10AM and run to 1PM. During this time, participants will gather on the land to conduct a Hathorian ritual in honor of the four cardinal alchemical elements, Earth, Fire, Water and Air/Space. During this period participants will also be in silent communion with the Hathor energies that will be released at that time. Even though you may not be able to be present physically, you can still participate at a profound level. During this three-hour period, set aside the tasks of the outer world. Spend the time in silence alone or with a like-minded group of people.

Part of our time in New Mexico will be spent chanting the Hathor sounds for Earth (EL), Fire (KA), Water (LEEM), Air/Space (OM). If you wish to join us in this, simply chant the sounds EL KA LEEM OM out loud, alternating with periods of silent chanting, in any way you wish. As you chant each sound, direct feelings of gratitude to the element to which the sound is connected. In your mind, direct these feelings both to the outer elements of the world, and to the inner elements of your body. If you do this for a long enough period, you may find yourself entering states of ecstasy. If this occurs, begin to direct your feelings of ecstasy to the elementals—they love it! They are consciousnesses that can, and will, respond to you on a feeling level if your mind is attuned. Gratitude and ecstasy are the most effective feeling states to be in, if you wish to open communication with the elemental kingdom.

Those of us in New Mexico will then take a three-hour break from 1-4 PM Mountain Time. At 6 PM Eastern Daylight Time we will enter harmonic choir around the coherent emotions of gratitude and ecstasy. We will be directing these energies to the planet as a whole—for the benefit of all sentient beings.

The released energy fields do not affect personal choice or personal will, but rather become part of the planetary emotional atmosphere. Those who choose gratitude and ecstasy in their lives will be empowered by these energies. Thus, if you choose to participate, it is vital that you send—at the very least—feelings of gratitude (which you will have generated during the Ritual of the Four Elements). Even better, according to the Hathors, would be sending your ecstasy into the Earth and out to all life.

Please understand that this is a form of planetary service by emanating positive coherent emotional energy during these divisive and challenging times.

Personally, I see this type of work as an antidote for the toxic emotional pollution and manipulation that is taking place on so many levels. As one of our mythic figures once said—may the force be with you.

Tom Kenyon
printed by permission, from

Tom Kenyon, M.A. holds a Masters Degree in Psychological Counseling with over twenty years of experience in private practice. In 1983, he founded Acoustic Brain Research (ABR) to scientifically document the effects of sound and music on the brain. He is the author of several books, including Brain States (New Leaf Distributing) which is still required reading in some colleges. Tom is also the co-author of The Hathor Material and the Magdalen Manuscipt, both published by ORB Communications. The focus of Tom's work is on the use of sound and music as a means to create altered states of consciousness in order to access the more creative aspects and unused potentials of the brain/mind. He has written several articles on the topic which can be found on his website- He teaches extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the United States and regularly conducts tours of sacred sites.  Tom's web site is


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Healing with Sound in
 the Austrian Alps

On Sunday, Sept 18, 2005, we will broadcast live from the Imagine Peace Festival at the World Peace Prayer Society's Sanctuary in Wassaic, NY.  We shall be part of a weekend celebration of song, dance, drumming, and prayer for world peace, Sept 17 & 18.

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We will be adding additional world wide events as they are confirmed, for Winter Solstice, December, 2005,
Spring Equinox, March, 2006,
Beltane, (May Day celebrations,) 2006 (sacred stone sites in UK)
Summer Solstice, June, 2006

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